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Tattoo Ideas For A Yoga Enthusiast

If you enjoy practicing yoga, you might have numerous possessions that feature yoga designs and wording. For example, you may have a travel mug with a yoga-specific design or a yoga sticker on the back of your laptop. If you're interested in tattoos, you may wish to think about getting a tattoo that conveys your love of yoga. Think about some ideas that appeal to you, and then visit a local studio to meet with an artist and discuss your vision. You'll be able to choose a design, as well as decide where on your body you want the tattoo to appear. Here are some tattoo ideas for a yoga enthusiast.

Yoga Symbols

There are all sorts of different symbols that people commonly associate with yoga. When you visit a local yoga studio, you'll often see these symbols present in various decorations, as well as on peoples' clothing. Two common yoga symbols are the lotus flower and the om symbol. If you like the design of one of these symbols, it can work well as a tattoo. Any experienced tattoo artist can create a colorful, elaborate lotus flower on a part of your body that may be visible when you're doing yoga. The simple design of the om symbol can make it a good choice if you want a small tattoo.

Pose Depiction

Another tattoo design to consider is a depiction of a specific yoga pose. This might be a pose that you particularly enjoy holding, or maybe it's one that took you a long time to get comfortable with and felt proud when you could finally perform it. Whatever the case, there are several tattoo designs that you can consider. A simple option is a rendering of a stick figure positioned to appear as though it's performing the pose in question. If you want something that offers a little more detail, you might prefer a small depiction of an actual person performing the pose.

Breathe Reminder

In yoga, breathing properly is just as important as physically performing the poses. When you start doing yoga for the first time, you may find that you need to focus on your breath just as much as you need to learn the poses. As such, you may want to choose a yoga tattoo that offers a reminder to breathe. A soft-looking design with the word "Breathe" incorporated into it can not only help you when you're practicing yoga, but can also be something that you enjoy seeing throughout the day. To learn more, contact a local tattoo studio such as Anthony Ashman Tattoos.