An Artistic Vision

Not Quite Human: Ideas To Craft A Humanoid Robot Comic Series

The idea of a humanoid robot can be a chilling thought for some while others may delight at the idea of such a technological advance! The idea that a robot could look, act and display the same characteristics as humans is certainly a strange one. What better topic to add to your next comic? Here are just a few ideas you can incorporate into your comic to make your humanoid robot comic book series come to life.

Visuals that Stun

When creating your comic book, bear in mind that visual graphics will be just as important as the storyline. Even with the best dialogue and most clever story sequences, a comic book will fall flat if the visuals do not grip your reader. Since your comic will focus on humanoid robots, consider tones, colors, and levels of contrast that paint a stark picture. If your story has a darker turn, allow your visuals to also reflect this. An example would be an ominous silhouette of your humanoid robot against an industrial backdrop for a more threatening sequence. As with any comic, ensure that your visuals match the overall tone of your story. 

Brave New World

One of the best ways you can incorporate the story of humanoid robots into your comic is by focusing on the relationship and consequent struggle between artificial life and human life. Your story might focus on a rather dystopian future in which humanoid robots dominate the planet or are largely integrated into the human population. Consider the relationship between robots and humans and what this would potentially mean for the future of humanity. Perhaps robots will make a gradual appearance by means of replacing humans in the workplace one by one. On the other hand, an entire army of humanoid robots may be created at once, thereby posing a serious threat to the safety of mankind. 

The Human Touch

Although your story may focus on the more negative impacts that a humanoid robot takeover may cause, consider including some human elements in these characters as well. Perhaps some humanoid robots may exhibit what appears to be genuine emotion, making it more difficult to be recognized by humans. By acting and appearing to have their own feelings, humans may feel confused when it comes to interacting with these beings. Unexpected friendships may be forged in the process, perhaps adding to the confusion on how robots should be treated by humans. You might even make your protagonist a humanoid robot, allowing the reader to understand the story from their point of view.